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Why children need vaccinations

8c46cbde-e122-4790-bed3-c54d0427db88Vaccinating your child never used to be an issue. When a child was growing up they got a vaccination for polio, mumps, measles, whooping cough, small pox and chicken pox. Now there are vaccinations for the flu and even cervical cancer in girls. These vaccinations were developed to prevent these often life-threatening diseases from spreading. Children were sick and dying from diseases that the vaccines were now stopping. And their success has been proven over time. Most of these diseases have been eradicated.

If you have been following the news lately, you know about the measles outbreak at Disneyland in California. So far this outbreak is affecting people in six states. Seventy confirmed cases have been counted with hundreds more people exposed. Disneyland is a perfect setting for a disease to spread.  So far the spread has been only in the west, but why couldn’t this happen at Disney World in Florida as well? Measles was a non-existent disease since 2000 but has recently started making a comeback. Is this a new strain or is it caused by not vaccinating children?

Many people have started to feel that vaccinations are causing their children more harm than good.  They suspect that autism, diabetes and ADHD can be linked to vaccinations. These people feel that a child’s immune system can naturally deal with these diseases. The risk of seizures, paralysis or even death is not acceptable to them. Some religions actually frown on getting vaccinations. While no one wants their child to have a complication from a vaccination or go against their religion, there are good reasons to vaccinate your child.

The Center for Disease Control identifies the need for 28 doses of 10 vaccinations. There is no federal law that mandates the vaccinating your child. All 50 states, however, require certain vaccinations for starting in public school. Many pediatricians will now not see patients that have not been vaccinated.  Proponents of vaccinations claim that the benefits of vaccinations have saved lives. They claim adverse reactions are rare.

The discussion about whether or not to vaccinate children will most likely go on and on. There is evidence on both sides of the fence. Children have been getting vaccinated for many years now. The risks of being vaccinated have been at a very rare incidence. Can you actually imagine how many people would die or have a diminished quality of life if one of these preventable diseases came back with a vengeance?